New Digital Downloads

Today I uploaded the Happy Hellidays Audiobook and both versions of Josiah’s Sanctification. These are available for all $5 and up TLM and Patreon supporters.

I AM Not Amused is now in the Download Page

For anyone who is at a $5 per month or higher, the I AM Not Amused eBook is now for download. Audiobook will take a few more weeks to finalize and will be posted at a later date. Thanks for your support. If you are not a member, check out the Support Levels page for […]

Audiobooks Now on Digital Downloads

Greetings supporters! I have made a few updates and are now able to get the audiobooks up on the Digital Downloads page. The downloads are available for the Silver and above supporters. I have The Art of Shallow Neighboring up now, and in a few days I will have Testing and Temptations BEFORE IT HITS […]

Site Updates

Greetings all!  We are starting to fall more into the groove of this new site!  We have 8 members in the site now!  Thanks for your support! I have updated the Testing and Temptations book download for Silver an above supporters to grab the new edition of the book.  Note that I do not have […]

How is the Beta Going?

Greetings all! Thanks for checking out! Let me know of any errors you have encountered. Updates coming soon: I will get my current recipe archive up by Monday morning for HomeCookingHacks. I am narrowing in on the re-release of Testing and Temptations. As soon as I have the updated LCCN number for the book […]

Getting Closer to Launch

It is nearing the end of June and we are getting closer to the actual launch. I am still deciding on a few design elements and adding a few more public content posts mostly for testing. If you have found your way here go ahead and leave me some comments. In the mean time, sit […]

My New Support Site

Welcome to my new support site.  This site will be a unified location for information on all of my sites.  The public facing site will be ad-supported, but this site will not annoy you if you choose to run an ad blocker.  I will attempt to have all ads disabled for any supporters who are […]

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